Sport, Commerce & Culture in a Global Marketplace….From Memphis to the UK

My trip to the UK was an adventure that will stay with me forever. If you asked me what was the best part of my trip I would have to say that it was the people that I traveled with. To Herschal, Dr. Berg, Becca, Meredith, Kirsten, Jessica, Britta, Stephanie, Kimani, and Emily, thank you all for being part of this amazing experience.

GOT SMART!! Reflections on SLC6800

Well tomorrow is the last day of SLC6800 and I am sitting here trying to figure out exactly were the month went. Wasn’t it just yesterday when I sat down to write my first post about my SMART goals for this class?

Exploring new design options-Canva

“If you see that other people are suffering, and you’re in a position to help, you focus not on their karmic past but your karmic opportunity in the present: Someday you may find yourself in the same predicament that they’re in now, so here’s your opportunity to act in the way you’d like them to act toward you when that day comes.”
–Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Eating my way through Memphis!

I was not born in Memphis, but I am Memphis Reborn. You can find me in the afternoons and on the weekends in and around downtown Memphis with my trusty companion “The Whisk” as we eat our way around downtown on a Culinary Food Tour.


I am enrolled in a Advanced Computer Applications class and as part of that class we must create and maintain a blog.  I have thought a lot about what type of information I will be sharing in my blog and I can think of no better thing to share than my love of food.  I…